Matthew Lumsden

United Kingdom

Matthew LumsdenMatthew is Managing Director of Future Transport Systems and has 15 years consultancy experience built up from working on public and private sector projects within the low carbon sector. With a broad technical, strategic and commercial understanding of the low carbon sector Matthew’s strengths lie in building strong and diverse relationships to develop and deliver innovative solutions and projects. Matthew is involved in a range of strategic low carbon vehicle related projects focusing on infrastructure design, vehicle development and deployment, business model development and stakeholder engagement.

Roland Steinmetz

The BeNeLux

Roland SteinmetzRoland Steinmetz (1970, MSc.) has broad experience in the field of consultancy at (non)-profit sector in energy, infrastructure and spatial planning. Managerial experience with organisation, financing and planning on large scale projects. Often involved in innovative projects to connect goals of public parties to feasible solutions from commercial parties. Flexible in moving from conceptual phase to realisation phase. Result driven, engaging, strategic with a touch of technical knowledge.

Martin Messer Thomsen


martinMartin Messer Thomson is an electric vehicles consultant. He is making a strategy for municipalities and larges companies for electrifying the fleet. Martin is also working with EV tourism and is also teaching the user how to operate and drive Electric Vehicles.

Jan Tore Gjøby


jantoreJan Tore Gjøby is owner of Enmira, an energy and environmental advisor. Jan Tore Gjøby has 25 years experience in the Norwegian industry and runs the company. Enmira’s aim is to deliver services to create transportation with less environmental impact. The main focus is on EV infrastructure and biogas.

Tim van Beek

The BeNeLux

Tim van BeekTim van Beek (1976, MSc MA) has been working as a project manager and strategy consultant in several sectors such as water, infrastructure and public space. Since the newest wave in the introduction of electric vehicles in 2007, Tim was actively involved in the sector. His specialization is charging infrastructure as this is the focal point in the new EV value chain. He has designed constructive PPS-cooperations for several clients in national and international projects to get some 3500 recharging bays installed in public space.

Robert Stüssi


robert-stussiRobert Stüssi is an urban and regional planner who specialized in transport policy and planning and sustainable mobility; his 15 year career as president of international Electric Mobility Associations, consultant for E-Mobility for the European Commission and the organisation of European and worldwide E Mobility conferences qualifies him in particular in this area.

Miha Levstek


Miha LevstekMiha Levstek is Etrel’s CEO. Miha was involved in several R&D projects. He was also involved in CIVITAS ELAN project (development of Urban Sustainable Electromobility plan for the Ljubljana municipality) and preparation of studies for national Energy Agency (papers for public discussion about electromobility). At the moment he is involved in multiple EV related projects. Miha is also the vice president of Slovenian Electric Vehicle Association, AVERE (The European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) board member and the president of Slovenian IEC TC69.

Ashley Abraham

Baltic States

Ashley Abraham is owner of Digital City Limited. Digital City Limited is an EV consultancy providing impartial services including feasibility studies, policy & planning, infrastructure deployment evaluation and recommendations, technical advice and open-call tender consulting. Expertise includes renewable energy for e-mobility including wind, solar PV and energy storage solutions.

Carlo Iacovini


Carlo IacoviniCarlo has 15 years experience in sustainable mobility. He managed public and private companies, introducing innovation policies to improve transport systems in cities, dealing with Institutions, large companies and small scale projects. He designed multiple  methodologies to develop electric mobility both in cities with integrated cooperation schemes and in private market, integrating infrastructures business models and e-mobility services. Specialized in strategy, marketing and communication he supported relevant brands in the EV market to develop new business.

Gordon Strömfelt


Gordon is an electric vehicle engineer with experience in development of business models for electric cars as well as strategic studies of fast charge infrastructure in Sweden. He is the owner of eMotion Technology Sweden AB that offers CAN data logging for analysis of driving behavior, charge patterns and range of electric cars and also conducts training in electrical safety and electric vehicle technologies for automotive engineers, mechanics and dealers. Gordon provides EV knowledge to automakers, energy companies, electric mobility operators, dealers and service providers.

Roland Dimai


Roland Dimai has vast holistic expertise in the upcoming legislation for transport of persons and goods combined with a deep understanding of power generation industry (renewable as well as conventional), power grids, smart grid and automotive. Especially EV (electric vehicles) techniques and distribution, which is the basis for developing projects.


Sven-Erik Kratz


sekSven-Erik (1972, M.A.) has over 13 years of consultancy and industry experience. After 5 years with Capgemini, he founded SEK Consulting and offers with his team a broad range of management consulting services and technical expertise esp. in the area of electric mobility and renewables smart systems integration.

For an European utility he managed the Green E-mobility programme of OEM field trials and infrastructure tender processes. He supported the development of a group wide electric transportation strategy and organization as well as the commercialization of charging products.

Sven-Erik was delegated to the German „National development platform E-Mobility“, NPE) and offers a broad network of experts, industry contacts and political insights. Currently he is working with hydrogen applications for renewable system integration and public transportation.

Dimitris Micharikopoulos

Greece & Cyprus

Photo_Dimitris_BWDimitris Micharikopoulos is the Managing Director of FORTISIS, a specialized company providing integrated solutions for electric mobility as well as advise and support for the deployment and operation of electric charging infrastructure.

Dimitris has 20 years research and consulting experience and has managed numerous international and national projects regarding strategic planning, policy formulation and evaluation.  He has extensive experience in the fields of sustainable mobility, innovation and sustainability and has advised many big corporations, public agencies, local and regional authorities.

Manuel Chaufrein


ManuelManuel Chaufrein originally comes from the automotive sector, having worked with Peugeot in different European countries. His experience in the automotive industry and its future challenges lead him to further his career in the offer of sustainable development vehicles such as electric and hybrid vehicles and B2B services, from a full service operational leasing perspective or from a manufacturer’s side.

Manuel is the founder of VIPAIR-e, a company that provides Premium Mobility Services in France, as well as consulting services in the area of electric vehicles in the broad aspect. Projects differ from partnership sealing and business development to EV strategy, implementation and marketing. VIPAIR-e is currently exploring the EV market in Brasil.

Ilia Levkov


IliaIlia has been a chairman at EVIC for the past 5 years, involved in projects such as starting charging infrastructure in Bulgaria.

EVIC is a non-profit business cluster operating in the electric mobility industry. Their members are mostly active in the field of designing and producing components and spare parts of electric vehicles. Currently, they are also at the start of realising a charging network in Bulgaria.


Mark Daly


Mark Daly

Mark is an Energy & Innovation consultant with wide ranging experience of the e-Mobility domain. Having qualified as an electronics engineer, Mark later joined Irelands Electricity Supply Board. With 15 years experience in the energy industry, Mark moved to ESBecars to lead activities in EU funded pilot and demonstration projects including FP7 & InterReg. Mark has been an influencial figure on e-Mobility matters, contributing towards standards, policy and planning as well as charging solutions development for fleet and commercial use cases. Mark has been a key player in the energy sectors engagement with one of the industries most disruptive and exciting technologies.




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