What we do

EEMCG is the European network of specialized electric mobility consultancy companies. A quality EV strategy requires close cooperation. We are crossing national thematic and business borders to fasten growth in the EV market. We combine our pan-European knowledge and experience with a form international network. Our clients are served by a high standard team of advisors for an adequate implementation of your EV ideas. We provide strategic consultancy for the energy and automotive industry as well as national, International and local governments. Services of EEMCG include:

  • E-mobility strategy, implementation and project management
  • EV market intelligence
  • EV business models and business development
  • Cross border best practices / bench marking in EV
  • Education, communication and training services in the EV market
  • EV IT, technology and payment systems advisory services

Why choose an EV team operating internationally?

Reasons to contact us for EV knowledge, network and experience are numerous. We can offer better services to new and existing clients by bringing in expertise from various countries. We can develop new business leads for larger clients who require presence in more than one country. The expertise can be exported in a joint approach to emerging EV markets.


Our members have proven expertise in electric mobility projects for (local) government, utilities, energy companies and/or OEM’s. They feel comfortable operating in international as well national markets. Our members are independent consultants and not linked to suppliers. Our advisors represent small or medium sized companies with a strong focus on electric mobility.


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